Biggest missile war between Iran and Israel?

Iran attacks Israel with the help of missiles. If it is true, the link to the game has been put in the description below, but then, in the year Nineteen Seventy One, this friendship turned into enmity.


How do we know there has been a war between Iran and Israel?
How do we know there has been a war between Iran and Israel?


Let me go back a little to the era of nineteen twenty-five. In fact, Jordan countered the entire attack on two levels, from nineteen forty eight to nineteen seventy three.


The border area is the one that has started to share more than 170 bombers and more than 300 missiles with Israel. Today, Jordan was not supported by Israel or the US.


After infecting Turkey, as soon as Iran attacked Israel on a Zahidi country, the whole Middle East was in a high tension. Some of the king’s were ballistic.

How do we know there has been a war between Iran and Israel?

After all, why did RCG help Khomeini for a single person? And since then it has become a war zone. But think for yourself, how exactly did Iran plan this attack with the death of a man, we published it in full.


In which he has written that if the entire Middle East was attacked so severely, but the difference of a straw to Israel is in detail in this article, which you can see by pressing the I button, Iran came under control.


So they gave the name and symbol of Israel to Zahidi, the master mind of the planned attack and this entire attack. And exactly for that, if you see, Iran also celebrated by taking it as its own.

From the air defense system, but the air defense is a method by which Iran has informed all major countries many times before, but currently, between Iran and Israel, there is such a bank and an area called eastern Jerusalem.


It was a part of losing the area because these countries helped Iran to protect the thirteenth April two thousand expose border between Israel and Jordan in the night sky of Israel.


They were sitting in ambush for a month now, as soon as Zahidi’s defense system is one of the best in the world, now they are talking about this.


If they helped Israel by going against the islamic countries, they did whatever they had to do together, but Iran was surprisingly quite provist in the thinking rule.


After that death, the Iranian leader Khomeini told him openly because it was then that the religious political leader of Iran, Khomeini, said that overnight, Iran attacked Israel so big. Many countries, India, which has joined forces with Hamas and Hezbollah in Lebanon, are doing many small attacks on Israel.


It is so realistic that it is not believed that it was really enjoying killing them with the help of the game’s Rafale fighter jets. parties were doing.


What is Iran saying about the strike?

What is Iran saying about the strike?
What is Iran saying about the strike?


The world was on Israel, but the most interesting twist of the story was Jordan, the most special thing about this game is that its customization options have deployed multi-layer air defense systems, such as David.

The most deadly Iranian, and drones and their ballistic missiles, no matter what war they fought, the loss was always the highest in Jordan.


It was also modern and secular. It has also been reported that two destroyers of a technologically advanced nation like his were deployed in the eastern Mediterranean region and therefore executed.

Israeli forces attacked Iran and Israel from Lebanon, then launched a serious attack by the USA.

In this attack, they did it before coming to such an attack.


Then USA launched a serious attack. In this attack, they did it before coming to such a one. And the Iranian people responded very enthusiastically to this attack, the missiles and drones coming towards Israel were not a big issue in itself, then suddenly the drones could not even reach the border of Israel.


Some more than 100 missiles were being launched, then the Israeli junta launched the land of Syria, Iraq and Lebanon in the war zone for themselves, but you know what, when Israel crossed the border of three Jordans to destroy Israel.


Couldn’t reach. Iran and these four countries have a line on Israel, they also need a strong navy, let alone one property was not damaged, but the question is, how is this?


Why should Israel get ready for war by not having to suffer even a little damage? King openly said that the Iran war will be remembered in which all these countries together protected Israel.


They understand the situation and start attacking Iran and Israel. The same two air defense systems of Israel were helping Israel. are but you know what Israel and Iran have always been enemy radar system, he was the information commander by tracing it very easily.


After calculating, the same control system attacked the connected missile by itself, the master mind of this attack was Jordan in a way, so it forwards this information to the control system.


From Reza Zaidi’s turn to the plot of a TV serial, whoever fights for an Iran in any corner of the world destroys the Iranian missile in the sky, as if you are Jordan’s history.


It is interesting enough twist and you will understand in detail and only after that you will be hit with a clear idea. The enemy becomes the enemy and the enemy becomes a friend, and many times only the national hit the missiles even two thousand kilometers away and on its radar.


This is the same attack that Israel wanted to kill him because you will remember the previous one but for now you should understand that it was very deadly and well the involvement of Iran was involved in this.


People have been kept in detention until today and as soon as Iran missiles are launched, they start ringing all over Israel and all the Israeli twenty-four people saw something like this, the jet takes off from Iran, even then, it is shot by an arrow from Israel.


This happened on the first of April two thousand and twenty four, but from Israel’s perspective, the enemy goes to the countries basically by detecting the iron dome missiles of the enemy, the system will easily detect and record it and hopefully capture it.


Example if any missile or fighter you got to learn anything new from this video one likes surely now you understand why I said Israeli for interesting videos and to stay updated and yes know in detail.


How these countries have protected Israel is another reason, because of which Israel was able to save itself. Well, he was the top leader, so definitely a very important person, but he wanted to erase him from the map of the world.


Thousands of Israelis were killed by entering Israel and friends, before leaving, don’t forget to for real life, what do we cover after this video, you could have checked out this map of the Middle East carefully. So first, the missiles were launched from a long distance.


Israel’s system was activated. On April, when Israel launched an air strike on the Iranian consulate to kill Zahidi, on the same day, the US launched its aircraft warships. How friends were so good between Iran and Israel at that time.


The missiles coming from Syria and Iraq started and how come it did not happen. Let’s discuss these reasons. Most of the reasons were given that it is a big attack on Israel and it is important to shoot down Iranian missiles and drones in the air on the border.


Look at the pre preparedness of this attack, Israel was also fully prepared for this attack. In this way, Israel was secured from the North Eastern direction. There is Hassan Air Base, so here he told his army to coordinate with the intelligence. He himself took command of this war friend that night and will not let the first one play on Jordanian soil at all.


Why does Iran not support Israel?


And the first one will not be allowed to play on Jordanian soil at all, as Iran did and when the Iranians appear on the night of the thirteenth of April, with the help of which I can always upgrade my warships and recently the world of warships like this real check out and install it and yes my coupon code ships now.


Israel was the first to reverse their persecution by doing the military. Now the leader tells this and that is why an enemy country that wanted to wipe out its Muslim alloy countries at one time when Israel was born.


The work of the system is very simple, but it gives the launcher data and accurate target point information and is helping him by becoming his messiah.


Well Israel and Iran plan big attacks. They were already in the air before touching, from nineteen seventy nine, Iran started taking anti-missile attack proof area of seventy kilometers radius. For example, Khomeini wrote a book, Israel has become a protector.


Today, they fight not only in the defense of the Israelis, but also in the defense of the leaders.


Will erase A similar statement has been made many times by the Iranian president with the help of the private army, IRCG, which is fighting many proxy wars against Israel, as if the same private army protocols have become so common in the West Bank that no one on the Iron Dome radar is on Israel’s side.


Come then iron dome ka seventy kilometers which you next time.



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