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Introduction: World Cup final: India Vs South Africa:

Barbados is the venue for the World Cup final T20,India versus South Africa  and, uh, it’s going to be India versus South Africa. It’s a bright and sunny morning here at the Kensington Oval and already the atmosphere on the ground is electrifying. There’s a lot of noise lot of support for both sides.

Who won the toss?

South Africa in their first final will play the former Champions India  Rohit Sharma and Aiden Markram the toss happened. A little while earlier it was India who won the toss had no hesitation in batting first it’s going to be a Cracker Jack of a contest this.

Which team is more unbeatable India Vs South Africa?

Both teams unbeaten on their way to the final. South Africa having played some very good Cricket. India have been a dominant team and you can see they root to the finals.

South Africa came from Trinidad after beating Afghanistan and India comprehensively beat England in Guyana so the final at this iconic venue the Kensington oval Barbados nice sound.

The ball hit the bat oh lovely shot just opening the face of the blade just easing it through the offside yeah you touched on the fact that he hasn’t been in the best of touch but that’ll be a wonderful delivery to get first up for more beautifully played off his legs that was sweet again.

Yeah, you can’t fall on Marco Jansen for looking to the ball full early on to find out if the ball is down the ground this time again over pitched I mentioned the game India Vs South Africa and Kolkata in the 50-over World Cup.

I think they got 60 or conceded 13 in the 7th final, which India won Oh, that’s in the air and they will race away to the boundary That was the critical thing that Maharaj will look to tighten up as he goes through this over try to Bow Moran’s reverse sweep intentions clear consecutive.

I think Mah Roger be conscious with the breeze coming across the ground that maybe the shot over Extra cover is the one he might look to execute that’s in the air taken he’s found the Fielder that square leg’s got a wicket yeah massive Wicket for the South Africans.

Rohit sha has been a fantastic touch at the back-end of this tournament. Rishop pun has come out to the middle. In the same over and after two India 23 for2 so sua Kumar yadav has come out to the middle.

India rocked in that second over drives through the covers and a good piece of Fielding in the de so quick across the ground they so commed to the cause and short this time put away to the fence delivery just before he bowled that the slip came out and went that’s in the air taken in the Deep hard Wicket goes down in South Africa.

He’s been dismissed it is huge RI massive the wind was going in that directions. Kamali as many as five boundaries in the almost eight balls nine balls the T20 World Cup say something.

Ryan gets hold of it gets hold of it just over for six but he didn’t time it perfectly and so he just sat on his haunches as he played the shot he didn’t bother thinking about running he knew it was six or been on and he does and he connects and he connects long sweep.

I was talking about and that one did find the middle of the bat that’s gone a long way back over de midwicket into the breeze tournament he had.

Rashid Khan carrying his Afghanistan Side Up brings out that shot as that’s in the air and it will fall short good stop on the now whether they’re targeting Jansen or at the drinks.

Rrabid was out there at drinks and whether he said right you continue there’s a definite change of tempo after the drinks break swing he was searching for it and he went right in the slot for.

Vraat kohli went for three boundaries 15 runs the most expensive say 170 Target 170 that’s what they got against England no on qas that’s exactly what NASA was speaking about.

He goes big and it’s six runs because of the SLO sweep we’ve been talking about and it was so full that actually ended up he goes again up and over think of a second Sensational again from andri noria.

He goes big and handsome 100 up just watch how he holds his body shape this game is about power hitting tell from his body language he thinks he’s pulled off something brilliant at the Bowers end for your best and thatch Patel has been run out that is a massive moment he was playing beautifully 106 for.

He goes big does duay and into the crowd for sixing him in was you go after the bowlers just give verat kohi his space he’ll get there at the end when we need him.

The most just like that swings flat that was hit really hard he’s a strong man he doesn’t need to run down the pitch and create power in this over enrik noia, that’s a fine shot for four just opening the face of the blade.

Yeah it’s a good shot R it’s a good call but it’s that’s in the air clears longone so first six for the Fuller length didn’t quite get it right in the middle of the bat but got it good enough to carry long over deep pulled away nice placement.

Another boundary just using the pace throw almost too straight onto the body when somebody’s been out there for half the Innings facing half the Innings of deliveries.

I should say misses gets away with this Jansen look pretty good for me from direct Swan the way on the onside for four just picking his spot going for that leg stamp yor just a full tson he’s used his wrist beautifully here that bottom hand come that’s high it’s six yeah it’s a massive hit huge hit just missed his length of swings in the air.

This should be taken RAB making no mistake mar jansson Just dragging his length back here a little bit in the previous ball a change of pace that’s uh over Third Man over the keeper into the boundary of Ki it’s 167 for 5 with one to swings in the air.

Taken in the Deep good flat catch she looked like it quite surprised David Miller as well just how hard that ball was traveling right a few that’s up at the air and the catch taken so after 20 overs.

India plays beautifully for his 76. Patel, I thought, was an outstanding, superb knock when he was under pressure; his team needed him to stand up, and he played well for his team’s  outstanding top six.

The thing with South Africa, though, is that, unlike other South African teams of the past, very good top six a number seven who can bat but not a lot of batting thereafter traditionally South African teams have a bed a little bit of swinging oh.

The Edge it fell short slow one right keeper is there a signal from the bowler and bowling a slower ball step lovely shot from rer Hendrick and the yel from Mar deep South Africa.

Now just breit bura he’s had magnificent tournament so far the first ball goes through the left hander know when to Bow what and execute it oh knocks him over this is just re bura on the big day he’s produced a oh what a ball that was.

What a tournament he is having the man of the moment got to say that man Aiden Marram but slightly shorter runs he’s up against a man who’s a beast to right handers field in the Deep for four.

How’s that for a repost in a great position as well that is going to give him a lot of confidence you heard her saying just shot of runs almost generated that but the defense was solid here 11 for one from two lovely lovely shots

It only produce him a single but just oh The edge. Risha pun India lost a few wickets early South Africa have done the same in their Chase just got to ask yourself. What is Tristan stubs thinking about is he saying wow thank you for giving me this opportunity? We had a left-arm scam as well.

India’s third man, Tristan Stubs, started slower but found the gap for four runs in the power play.


The team made 45 for three, crossing the line and scoring four runs.


The captain, Quinton, hit a high score of 46, a moment for him. The team’s captain, HRI Khan, hit a ball to a bowler that can hit the ball out of the ground, securing a safe boundary.


The bowler, David Miller, had a wonderful battle with Hinrich Claron, striking four boundaries in the match. The team managed to negotiate a safe little touch and break the momentum of the game, with DAV Miller keeping the strike.




The India Vs South Africa game was under pressure from wides, and Chang, who was perfectly placed, got plenty of it. Suya Kumar’s skill in under pressure was impressive. India’s victory over South Africa is India’s largest stage in the tournament.




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