Is Dubai flooded because of cloud seeding?

Dubai, a world-class city in the United Arab Emirates, has been severely affected by the ongoing rains caused by climate change. The UAE hosted a meeting in 2023 to address the issue, but the rains have continued to fall.


Causes of Dubai Flood
Causes of Dubai Flood


The city’s green environment has been a significant factor in the ongoing rains, causing billions of dollars in damage. Dubai’s perfect living conditions have been lost due to the rains, affecting its reputation and causing millions of years of damage.


What is causing the Dubai flood?

To address the issue, the UAE government has been implementing measures such as the Cope Twenty-Eight summit in South Korea and Japan. By purchasing a study from Study IQ, students can receive a one-to-one wintership and be invited to Delhi for mains.


The UAE government is also considering a course to prepare for the upcoming Cope Twenty-Eight summit in South Korea and Japan.


Crack some oil deals. It was later found out from CN Ek Late that the UAE was hosting this meeting and it was held in the United Arab Emirates. And you know that at that time world leaders were gathered here, UAE was trying to do that.


This meeting is held every year. This meeting in 2023 is to deal with climate change, but in the guise of this meeting, many in-da-future continuous rains will continue to fall in Dubai. Now what about all this? But CNN had shown it on its own, although the president later said it had been covered by the world’s media.


Conference of Parties Meeting, These meetings on climate change are clearly not futuristic. And let me tell you, I remember one thing.


Is it real rain in UAE?


You have heard about the coop meetings beyond the sense of how big a role climate change had in all of this. Will the government of UAE have to do that in the future, Dubai is a total loss due to the rains.


It is now a world class city. Million years, millions of years can come and live here because their SELLING POINT It is about Dubai that the perfect things that have been seen in Dubai are never seen again. It will rain because you will be filled with water when it rains.


When Dubai was being planned as an easy city, one would hope that there would be rains and the damage would be there, but only after some time we thought that there would be so much rain.


One time when we see Mumbai, Mumbai gets so much crism because you will get the idea because, look, you have to see this thing too. Obviously, from a distance, you will see from the view so much drama is shown, and that’s it.


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I will try to give his comment hard so that the rest is no. E was pretty much they didn’t expect climate change to hit them in such a way that rain is happening today.


It’s a lesson for all of us. Cope Twenty-Eight will be such a rain that did not happen in Seventy-Five and that in Dubai, I will add that there is one going on in the UPSC course in which this page will be opened.


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Cop twenty nine summit in South Korea Japan. This is to tell you which one is the heavy loss and here I have a question for you, discount the maximum discount you can get and thirty or India in the comments section.


You will be paying one thousand rupees per month. If you purchase this course, you have received the highest amount of rain in physical years.


Cloud seeding has not been done about NCM which is Dubai and eventually rain starts now if we had cloud seeding in Dubai you would know that it goes plain in the sky, it is the national center of metrology.


It has been clearly said that it is a cloud seeding program, it was started from nineteen ninety, the benefit was obtained, the operation is different, but whatever is happening in Dubai as of today and whatever is happening in Dubai as of today, which is seventy five, this is a weather.


The attack happened here and it was definitely created by Iran artificial rain and for many years the US used this modification to release silver iodine through cloud seeding, which starts the chemical process, isn’t this completely different?


Look in Dubai, the USA was fighting a war in Vietnam, then they have been related for a long time. Find the weather to cut off their supplies


More rain and strong winds will continue to be a problem here. We are seeing this green sky in Dubai. In the USA, it is said that there is a very powerful weather event when the sky is green. By the way, it is not like that first the sky will turn green, then the wind will come at a very high speed. We saw one years ago and it happens.


The thing will go and it also has a scientific name which is the green sky, it will go and in the areas where historically there was no rain, this is shocking. The space and now the sky has also turned green. This video of the green sky is all over the world.


Look, this is what Iran has done. Some people are saying that it has gone viral and people are creating conspiracy theories. Yes, in this video we will know what happened here. This is the entire Gulf where various countries come to Oman.


Actually, they had done a lot of cloud seeding, so it is not only Dubai, but also the United Arab Emirates and the whole of Prussia. Why is it raining so much in the Gulf, Ubai, and Bahrain? Why are there so many floods? By the way, let me tell you. It seems that some gas has been released.


This is what we are seeing from Dubai. Today, people have died in Oman. We are more focused on Dubai. I will show you why this sky is green?


You can see this is a scene from a Dubai sci-fi movie and I believe it is on a big scale but there is a lot of damage in Oman too and this article was made because Indians go to Dubai a lot for business.


Now it will appear on the green screen in front of you. So the color of the sky will be green. It seems that someone’s skyline will show you a lot of clouds and then slowly or something strange has happened.


It doesn’t happen naturally and I was watching online people writing anything and telling theories about Dubai for example here you see about it I mean I was watching Americans strangely .




In conclusion, the UAE’s response to the ongoing rains and climate change has been a significant lesson for the world.



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