What are the effects of damiana smoking?

The author discusses the use of Damiana smoking lighter fluid, a substance that people sniff for a buzz. They mention that they have experienced the smell of lighter fluid in various places, such as Mexico and Catacolo, where they can find cheap heroin.

However, they argue that the quality of the reefer from Mexico is not as desirable as the quality from other countries.

He also mentions the importance of using Damiana, an American-made substance with relaxative properties that has been used in Greece for 30,000 years. They mention that the Greeks have been using it for centuries and that it has been used in various cultures, including Greece.

They wish they had raised chickens in Greece, as they love chickens and believe that everything worth a damn started there. They also mention that the Greeks have chickens all over the place, and they would be happy to have them for their eggs.

He also mentions that the Greeks have a history of earthquakes, which they believe are traces of human activity. They also mention that California was built in the fourth century after an earthquake, and there are fairly frequent earthquakes.

Well, that appears to be adequately done. Well, he is not seeing any flying zebras yet but as soon as soon Well, let’s give it a shot. What do you think? Smoked a lot of ganja in my life, and that’s definitely his preference, but now, if this were reverb, after a couple of hits, if he does, he will report.


Flying zebras, any kind of weird incarnations. We’ll keep an eye out for incarnation preference. Because there are so many things that pretend not to be Kanye West he tries very hard not to be an illusion but busy there do that.


The conversation revolves around Kanye West’s experiment with a synthetic reefer, which is supposed to be a relaxant and natural quick-release substance.

The speaker is skeptical about the potential benefits of this substance, as it may not be safe for some people. They mention that the substance has been used in a heat stroke and has caused millions of people to fall out of chairs.

The author also discusses the difference between substances and synthetic reefers, stating that the stars have to have boobs. The era of session musicians has entered the period of boob music, with artists like Taylor Swift and Kanye West being considered stars.

However, the speaker acknowledges that the music industry is changing, and there are no bands anymore.

Let’s see if you have the balls, huh? You got it confirmed that music is absolutely totally dead. They try so hard. And I don’t like getting this stuff in my mouth.

The idea Kanye had was stupid. Frankly, he doesn’t think it’s in him. But it could happen.


What happens if you take too much damiana?

Yeah, it could happen. He want Kanye West to surprise me and do something really biting the head off the chicken tonight that was a bad idea bad and Welcome to the great Demiana experiment and this is Demiana Can’t say it smells particularly good. Kinda sweet. Kinda sickly. Kinda kind of nasty as the word.


He was trying to herb of relaxing potential. Now, you might think, so is find. And Uh this is supposed to be a relaxant, a natural quick. Uh synthetic reefer out there. Do not screw with it. It may not kill you but it does kill some people. Don’t screw embarking in this experiment, let’s give you a little escopies there. Okay.


Does damiana cause euphoria?


Let’s get one cautionary out there real smoking soda pop or something. It’s too sweet to be smoking. You going to go for it here or what? Yeah, here we go. Get What exactly do we have here? Ooh isn’t that a thing of friend swears, you gotta try out this Tamiana. Okay?


He know this is some cheap reverb. Again. Didn’t make him cough too much. Not too bad. Not too bad. Perfection. Come on perfection.


Yeah, there we go. Perfection. beauty? don’t want to eat it. Okay. Can’t say too much about the taste of it. No. It’s like What we care is it buzzwordy? But will it deliver? for I don’t know, probably about three, 400 bucks if it’s good buzzed a long time ago.


They were just We will persevere because we must deliver a report on this It may not do it to you. Happy for you if it doesn’t but it Let’s see him with an action cam and an action mic.

Doing some stuff made one hell of a mess out of him. Don’t screw with it. Actually, he thinks his friend is right. That’s falling out of a chair.


Let’s see you there and hassle Taylor Swift. Aren’t you handling some aren’t you? do. So this is not making an excuse. You know as well as I it’s over. Now that we have all these stars all over the place part, it’s going to be stars. There’s no bands.


We’ll call you Now you may regret it. This is tragic. Personally, he does because he likes to play the guitar. They are just stuff. Take it seriously. He tried that one time. It put him Well, it damn sure ain’t reefer because we would have been reefer, which will kill you?


He was not exaggerating about that dope. He just heard a few brief side reports on the Grammys, and just with that, yes, but this is legal and Reefer is not. So, before that, that’s about all there is to it.

The author expresses his preference for ganja, but he believes that if he tried this substance, it would be dangerous. He warns against using it, as it may cause harm to others.

The conversation ends with the author expressing his disappointment in the current music scene and the lack of stars in the music industry.


In conclusion, the conversation highlights the dangers of using synthetic reefers and the need for caution when trying new substances.

The author encourages readers to be cautious when trying new substances, as they may not be as safe as they seem. The author discusses the use of lighter fluid and its potential effects on individuals, emphasizing the importance of using authentic and natural sources of cannabis.





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