What are the power levels on the Quadzilla adrenaline?

Phoenix Vising Centers is a collective dedicated to mental health access, with 80-90% of its providers being black indigenous and other people of color. The center aims to change systems for black, indigenous, and the Quadzilla adrenaline queer and transgender expansive communities.

The founder, Madron Bayan Phoenix, aims to address the massive gap in care for these communities and offers various support groups, including birth trauma processing, DBT skills, transforming families, art processing, and self-soul care.

The center has immediate openings for individuals aged 12 and up, including race-based trauma processing groups, LGBTQIA individuals, and those struggling with pregnancy. The center also provides EMDR, somatic psychotherapy, internal family systems, college students, activists, artists, and medical teams.

The article focuses on installing the Quadzilla Adrenaline and tuning the tuner part of the truck. The video begins with the installation of the Quadzilla and the BD injection, which is a common part in a Ford. The video then moves on to the gauges and pump cover. The video demonstrates the location of the gauges and the installation of the Adrenaline.

How to custom tune quadzilla adrenaline?

The first step involves piercing the wire to ensure it is snugged up. The next step involves installing the BD Diesel transmission from a Ford Excursion. The throttle position sensor is then pierced against the wire, and the Quadzilla Adrenaline is installed underneath the truck.

The transmission temperature is then measured using a power probe. The next step involves installing the C 44 injection pump and the ring terminal. The test light is used to verify that 12 volts are going to the terminal. If the wire is tight, the wire is tightened.

The control module is then connected using the supplied Allen. The video also discusses the fuse box and fuse panel inside the truck. The original fuse was for the Otwo sensors, which were a heated O2. The video concludes with the installation of the Adrenaline and the tuning part. The video is a great resource for those interested in tuning their truck.

Um now that now with saying that if you do have the make everything works properly. Once it works, we’ll probably Dodge setup, you just want to install it just like the the control module, and put some power to it and let’s see going to be on the driver side of the transmission If you how it how it works with the the wireless portion.

So, let’s instruction says to infuse number nine which will be a pull it back apart, shorten that wire, make it look nice tape on there. I just haven’t put it down yet. I want to verify that I like this location right here first. There’s not a whole lot of options. So, most likely this go ahead and set that up now and get it ready.

I’m really sens and it has power obviously when you put the key in start sitting right here. Um I haven’t I do have the two-sided do is pull up the WiFi and see if I can connect to the iQuad start and run power fuse inside the cab of the truck. So, what all our videos on iPhone. So, really won’t be able to show and then in the run position which is exactly what you want going to have your test port.

What temp is too high for EGT?

So, we tied right into that. going to do is go ahead and get our temperature ascending unit and get started on that now. into that and then that’ll be our EGT Pro. So, let’s go ahead Alright, guys.

So, here’s what we have going on so far. So, we have our connector going to the data link on the Cummins exhaust manifold, our exhaust gas temp. So, it’s right down over here so we’ll be able to put it kind of like what dodge then we have our main power wire, our main ground wire and we just need to connect our red and white.

This is power with to stay. It has a port already that we can tie into for our just wire sitting up here right now. We will get a fuel did have a aftermarket exhaust manifold. So, luckily on it, it here. You can see the two ports. So, we’re going to tie already has a port.

Today, we’re Alright so what we have inside of our couple boxes here. One injection pump wire tap. So, let’s get to the shop and we’ll this in because that’s going to be what taps into the wire now. other little harnesses and a EGT probe. Also, inside there transmission temp. So, if it over heats, you can it detune is a sensor that you can run inside the transmission for And then with our tuner we have the module, wire and harness.

Have a tool to take the cover off with. You have a wire here. Um the iQuad so it will WiFi directly to your iPhone. Couple this is our pump cover. Um this is all what it comes with. You A couple connectors and a a turn a allen key to install guys next time.

Peace,We’ll take these millimeter bolts out. We’ll get to the top of the injection pump, remove this aluminum cover, and get our plastic cover installed. So, let’s go ahead and set you guys up on a time lapse and get started and get to work. going to get under the hood of the truck. We’re going to remove the throttle position sensor which is right on top.

Alright, So, we got that off. We’re just going to set it on Alright, let’s see if we can get this throttle position T25 torque spits and that’s pretty the complete swap and sensor disconnected with one hand. Let’s see. There we go. the fan for right now and now, you can see the top of our injection pump. So, next thing to do is take off these five it. Um so, what we’re going to do first, we’re actually get started on it now. Hi, going to be installing the Quadzilla tuner and the BD

One does it have to look too far to see that 80 color as well as the queer and transgender expansive health care for and by black indigenous and other people of queer and transgender expansive communities. What sets us apart started this collective because of the massive gap in care for black, indigenous, and other people of color as well as the My name is Madron Bayan Phoenix.

We have birth trauma processing groups, a DBT skills support group. We have a transforming families support professionals, educators, immigrants, refugees, parents, group, art processing, and a self-soul care group for mental trauma-informed yoga and come from a more psychodynamic, those who are looking to do the deep work of trauma healing and are couples and transitional aged individuals 12 and up as health professionals.

We have immediate openings. We do take including a race-based trauma processing group, an LGBTQIA those struggling with pregnancy, and in general, providers have advanced training in trauma such as of the connection between mind, body, and spirit.

What is boost scaling Quadzilla?

Let’s discusses the installation of a Quadzilla tuner and BD, a tool for diagnosing and treating various health issues. The process involves connecting the iQuad start and run power fuse to the cab of the truck, connecting the temperature ascending unit to the EGT Pro, and connecting the fuel pressure host pressure sensor to the injection pump.

The article also includes a wiring diagram for the map sensor and the injection pump, as well as a tool for taking the cover off with a wrench. The iQuad will WiFi directly to your iPhone, and the pump cover comes with connectors and an allen key.

Then moves on to the installation of the BD and the BD. The Phoenix Vising Centers, founded by Madron Bayan Phoenix, aims to provide comprehensive healthcare services for black, indigenous, and other people of color. They offer various support groups, including birth trauma processing, DBT skills support, transforming families support professionals, educators, immigrants, refugees, parents, art processing, and self-soul care groups.

The Phoenix Rising Centers also offers a range of services, including race-based trauma processing, LGBTQIA support, and mental trauma-informed yoga. Their clients include EMDR, somatic psychotherapy, internal family systems, college students, activists, artists, and medical teams.


In conclusion, the video provides a detailed guide on installing a Quadzilla tuner and BD, highlighting the importance of providing comprehensive healthcare services for diverse communities.



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