Which types of emotional challenges and troubles cause hurdles for a woman, mentally or emotionally? 

This article emphasizes the importance of not grabbing what one has and not tearing everything apart. Different types of emotional challenges and troubles cause hurdles for a woman, mentally or emotionally.

They discuss the challenges faced by women in society, such as the lower middle class’ lack of awareness about education and the pressure to conform to societal expectations.


They also discuss the role of society in shaping women’s mental health and the need for education.

The author believes that society has made women mentally ill and placed them in psychological entanglements. They argue that there is no need for females and education and that they should contribute to the development of society.


They also discuss the stereotypes surrounding caste systems, such as Brahmin and Khajatri caste, and how it can lead to societal pressure to become superwomen.

He warns against the idea that everyone should be a superwoman, as the caste system is messed up and can cause problems for families.

They also mention the awkward situation of a woman trying to show her fitness and appearance, which can be confusing for those living in poverty.

One of the rules of living is that he say to those people that they grab what they have. Although A is also a big bad thing.

It is an ungodly nature not to tear everything in a beautiful way. One word is such a thing that people do not know whether the next fifteen is a mobile phone or not.




Try not to catch each other’s mobile phone for the whole life. You think that people will connect each other’s mobile phones. What is yours? While coming out, you should put a picture of your wife, she will like it, you will see her picture. What will happen in it? He don’t know.


Show them what to do. You people have come to the wrong place. Awareness has reached the lower middle class. Are you going there and distributing pamphlets to them and eating pakodas?

Some years ago, he was in GC University Lahore. Yes, GC stays in a certain kind of depression until she dies. Isn’t that right? You guys come there for entertainment. He was in Lahore Pakistan, so there was a stall there.


Probably an NGO came and stalled. It is assumed that what we have for education is not normal, you should work on them, then the work will be done in the wrong place, there for entertainment, or heat the food yourself, and you are a woman, he said, woman, come to March.


Shouldn’t a conference be held? A few days ago, they was sitting one by one. You don’t know where the issues are. From the time a woman is born, on the 8th of March, she picks up the play card.

After finding out the issues of your people, he will tell you that the sisters from the lower middle class are wearing good sarees there, but he was sitting with some of his friends and the women in the society are taught.


Don’t think that he is one hundred percent of someone’s lead family.


What are the real issues of women?


You guys come to his mind, his friend, it was not among the awareness on social media that you saw on social media. She is fighting a working psychological battle, we have talked for three hours about it, she is suffering some kind of pressure or she is living in a psychological condition in Pakistan, you know.


Has she not given it to you for the service of Allah’s creation? What is the reason for this?


We have discussed for a long time that worship belongs to Allah. The love of the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) continued to be done.

Then we came to the conclusion that Allah gave all this because of money. Allah gave some skills to someone. Why did he give this? Why did he give this? Why did he give someone a quality? Someone gave him wealth, he gave him fame.


You will be here and there in two or four minutes. He does something, but you have to contribute to it. If Allah was talking with a friend. You are being born, then you have been given some ability. A few days ago, they also go to the credits of their society.

The society is the society behind everything. If the child is a victim of prediction, my dear, while we were talking, he said to me, whatever Allah has given you, please, it is very important that you.


Why are women so mentally unstable?

Unfortunately, the women of our society have been made mentally ill by this society and have been placed in psychological entanglements.

There is no need for females. There is no need for education. What do they have to do with education? A large class of people who light the candle of the section. When she reaches the stage, this series of psychological war begins.


In the beginning, she has to fight this war. There is a large section of Pakistan where, even today it is believed that it was the most awkward day to teach women. He was told that now.

All the faults you have in the presence of the whole day today are those things with which you walk with a great deal of disdain, they are counted before the Lord.


There are very few who can fight. He said, “We have taken the whole system of caste, which is a big system like Brahmin, Khajatri caste, and this problem in his mind. Cooperate with the performance of that great sermon of the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him.


The opportunity to see the world with a new eye comes with the opportunity to go to school. Now she is running a whole system in a school, the same thing, then if she goes, she studies the philosophy of the whole world.

Even if you go there, your son will be taught. If your daughter is not taught, then there is no need for higher education.


Why does he attract emotionally/mentally unstable women?


The psychological war between women and society has led to a series of psychological entanglements, where women are forced to fight against the system of caste and the pressure to conform to societal expectations.

This has resulted in confusion and a lack of understanding of the world around them.


Women are forced to study the philosophy of the world, often focusing on Islam, while their children are taught in schools. This leads to a contradiction in the house inferiority complex, where women feel ashamed to attend school and not attend a separate family.

The psychological war between women and society is evident in the societal expectations of women to study Islam and comparative religions. However, these women are often denied the opportunity to work and are forced to endure a long and demanding life.


This has led to a sense of depression and a lack of respect for women. The marriage of a woman also highlights the challenges faced by the lower middle class and the ongoing struggles of the lower middle class.

The psychological war between women and society continues to shape the lives of women and society as a whole.




In conclusion, he emphasizes the importance of addressing the issues faced by women in society, such as the lack of awareness on social media and the pressure to conform to societal expectations. By focusing on the needs of women and addressing the societal issues, we can work towards a more inclusive and supportive society.





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